Alias Service

The Alias Service allows alias to be assigned to wallet address, making wallet addresses easy to remember. Any provider operation that takes an address may also take an alias.

Alias also provides the ability for a reverse lookup that determines the alias of an address (if it was configured).

Creating alias requires authorities approval and verification from authorities, some small fees will also be charged. Once the application to create an alias is approved, alias will be recorded into blockchain.


provider . resolveName ( name )   => Promise<Address>
Returns a Promise that resolves to the address that the alias resolves to (or null is unregistered).
provider . lookupAddress ( address )   => Promise<string>
Returns a Promise that resolves to the alias that the address resolves to (or null if unregistered).
resolve an alias to an address
provider.resolveName("hello").then((address) => {
    console.log("Address:", address);
lookup the alias of an address
let address = "mxw1x7tp9tt7mu0jm6qdmljgntvzzp53lrtndr7h8x";
provider.lookupAddress(address).then(function(name) {
    console.log("Name:", name);
    // "hello"